Why SMBs Should be America’s Cloud Role Models

[ad_1] The pandemic accelerated the digitalization of day-to-day business operations, ushering in a new era of tech-dependence, particularly around cloud migration. Now, companies of all sizes are racing to update their infrastructure, data, and critical applications to the cloud. With spending on public cloud services projected to reach nearly $600 billion in 2023, taking advantage … Read more

How to Transition to the Cloud

[ad_1] For all the upheaval to business caused by the pandemic, one positive is that it accelerated the move to the cloud, particularly among enterprise IT solution companies. Now as businesses emerge from the pandemic, cloud adoption is set to continue, with Gartner predicting that 51% of IT spending in key markets will shift to … Read more

Living in the Cloud Like Settling Into a New Home?

[ad_1] Think about the benefits of a new home — you envision it as a significant step up from your current place. It’s a dream come true, but first you have to get organized and move from your current home. You go through your things, packing essential items and discarding the rest. As you migrate … Read more