Forrester and Finovate Conferences Continue Diversity Dialogues

[ad_1] Advocates for parity on race and inclusiveness in the workplace as well as the broader community spoke at a pair of recent tech conferences, tying such ongoing discussions to the values companies pursue. Forrester Technology & Innovation 2022 and, earlier this month, FinovateFall carved out time to host their own respective fireside chats with … Read more

To BYOT & Back Again

[ad_1] The battle over who controls work tools and enterprise technology is as old as computing itself. From the introduction of VisiCalc and Microsoft Access to today’s smartphones and apps, conflicts between workers and IT overseers have continually simmered. “It’s an ongoing point of tension for organizations, observes Scott Buchholz, chief technology officer in the … Read more

CloudSphere on Cybersecurity and Offboarding

[ad_1] What happens to a former employee’s digital access after they have parted ways with a company? Sorting out what clearances they had and then ensuring those rights and privileges are dealt with accordingly is a necessary part of offboarding a departing employee. The worst-case scenario might be a vindictive ex-employee tries to exploit their … Read more

Box and MongoDB CEOs Chat About Software and the Future of Work

[ad_1] At a dinner conversation last week in New York with a small gathering of tech journalists, the CEOs of MongoDB and Box shared their thoughts on software, the future of work, and how the return to office is playing out. While individual companies make their own decisions amid shifting responses to the pandemic, there … Read more

Kissflow on Low-Code for Digital Transformation

[ad_1] The digital transformation process can be a significant undertaking for an organization, as it aims to adopt processes and resources that may seem daunting at first. The extent of such a strategy may see teams and departments working with technology that might feel unfamiliar. Professionals who are experts in their area of focus may … Read more