Next Wave of Digital Transformation and Impact on IT

[ad_1] The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital technologies in almost every industry sector. Investments in digital transformation, in fact, are projected to surpass $1.8T by the end of 2022, and over $2.8T by 2025. Following are six areas of innovation that are already impacting, or are soon likely to impact, how business … Read more

How to Maximize Innovation in Your Business

[ad_1] Necessity may be the mother of invention, but today’s cutthroat IT environment also demands creativity to achieve long-term success. Technology and its impact on business capabilities is continually evolving, observes Ola Chowning, a partner with global technology research and advisory firm ISG. Innovation on the technology front allows organizations to both continuously improve while … Read more

How Will AI Shape the Future?

[ad_1] We’re all creating the future every day, especially in technology, but where’s it all going? The biggest influence on change for the future as I look out 28 years to the year 2050 is artificial intelligence. While AI is already changing our world, it’s really only just begun. Here’s my vision of what life … Read more

How to Take Stock of the Metaverse and Understand the Business Opps

[ad_1] While the opportunities in the virtual worlds collectively known as the metaverse will look different in every business, the main value that organizations have begun to tap into is the ability to engage with consumers differently than on other online channels. According to a June report from McKinsey, the metaverse has the potential to … Read more