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“Biden Achieves Near-Complete Objectives at NATO Summit, Analysis Shows”

President Joe Biden emerged from the NATO summit having achieved nearly all of his desired outcomes, according to analysis of the summit’s outcomes.

While Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky fell short of securing a collective defense guarantee that NATO membership would bring, he did secure a long-term rearmament pipeline from G7 nations. This accomplishment ensures continued support for Ukraine’s defense capabilities in the future.

Meanwhile, Russia faced an entrenched strategic and military setback, as the summit institutionalized support for Ukraine, confirming the West’s commitment to the country’s security.

The summit, held in a former Soviet vassal state that has prospered since joining NATO, was overshadowed by the ongoing suffering of the Ukrainian people. President Biden expressed disbelief and condemned Russia’s assault on civilians, likening it to actions from the distant past.

Although Zelensky entered the summit frustrated by the alliance’s reluctance to provide a NATO membership timeline, he recognized the value of U.S. and Western support, emphasizing that it saves lives not just in Ukraine but also in Europe and around the world.

Key Achievements of the Summit: The G7 leaders issued a joint declaration committing their nations to negotiate long-term bilateral security agreements with Ukraine. These agreements aim to enhance Ukraine’s land, sea, and air defenses and deter future Russian aggression. This interim measure aims to support Ukraine until it fulfills the economic and political conditions necessary for full NATO membership.

While Zelensky criticized the lack of a specific timeline for NATO membership as “absurd,” Biden explained that an immediate membership would potentially lead to a conflict with Russia, which he sought to avoid at all costs.

Additionally, the summit witnessed a significant development as Turkey dropped its veto on Sweden’s bid to join NATO. This breakthrough was the result of extensive diplomacy conducted by the Biden administration, both abroad and within the U.S. Congress.

Overall, the NATO summit achieved significant progress in bolstering Ukraine’s security and strengthening the alliance’s commitment to its partners, while also maintaining a cautious approach to NATO membership.