Google is moving your Calendar and Assistant “reminders” to Google Tasks




Google Tasks started out as a feature that let Google users create to-do items in their Calendar and Gmail accounts. Then in 2018, Google made Tasks a standalone product. Now, the tech giant is steering more of its users to the Tasks app, moving all Google Assistant and Calendar reminders to Tasks

“We are continuing to invest in Google Tasks and expand its capabilities to help you capture, organize and accomplish all you have to get done. “Google Product Management VP Ilya Brown wrote in a blog post. “Moving reminders into Google Tasks is one step closer to helping people effortlessly get things done.”

In the coming months, when you use Assistant or Calendar to create or view reminders, you’ll see a notification that will prompt you to use Tasks.

However, you’ll still be able to create tasks using Assistant or Calendar. You can also access Tasks from other Workspace apps like Gmail, Calendar and Chat. To create a task with Assistant, you can say, “Hey Google, remind me to call dad every Thursday at 6pm” to you device, and it will show up in your Tasks list, as well as on Google Calendar. 

Once you’ve created a task, you use the Tasks app to create different lists, mark important tasks with a star and check off completed tasks. 

It’s worth noting that Google’s blog post about Tasks doesn’t mention anything about the company’s other to-do app, Google Keep. Meanwhile, there are plenty of other to-do list apps out there to help you with your multi-tasking.


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