Have trouble sleeping? Soundcore’s new earbuds will drown out the distractions


Sleep A10s in their case.

June Wan/ZDNET

Since its launch in 2014, Anker’s audio line, Soundcore, has earned a reputation for comparable quality for a reasonable price. Yesterday, Soundcore unveiled the newest addition to its successful audio catalog: Sleep A10. 

This isn’t the first time an audio company is releasing earbuds for sleeping; QuietOn, Bose, and SleepPhones have done it in the past — with varying success. Following suit, Soundcore’s version promises a four-point noise masking system, a lightweight build, a comfortable fit, and virtually unlimited audio. 

Soundcore says that the earbuds will block passive noises for a “truly quiet” night’s sleep. The ear wings and Twin Seal ear tips also seal the ear to block up to 35dB of noise in your surroundings. The Sleep A10 utilizes soothing sleep sounds via a noise-masking algorithm to monitor your surroundings and adjust the volume accordingly. We’ll have to test the earbuds to see just how effective that really is.

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Perhaps the most important factor for these niche earbuds is comfort. After all, you’ll be wearing the for hours in one position, or many if you’re always shifting around at night. The Sleep A10, however, is engineered to be subtle enough to forget it’s in your ear — even for side sleepers. About half the size of Soundcore’s Liberty 3 Pros, the tiny earbuds are compact and should fit snuggly. 

Soundcore’s app encompasses a variety of sounds from white noise to audiobooks to help your mind relax at night. The A10 also doubles as an in-ear alarm clock, though it’s more of a gentle nudge than a traditional, buzzing timepiece. 

With a rise in sleep tracking technology, the Sleep A10 taps into the space by offering weekly sleep reports via the Soundcore App. The metrics include general sleep patterns and heartbeat pacing, according to the company press release.

Of course, you can also use the earbuds for regular listening when you’re awake. 

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The earbuds themselves are said to provide up to 10 hours of built-in audio. You can get an extra 40 hours of charge via the earbuds’ puck-like case. The case charges via USB-C cable and is equipped with LED lights to signal the level of charge. 

The Sleep A10 is available via Soundcore today for $179. They will be available on Amazon and Best Buy shortly after. 


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