Modernize Your Enterprise Desktop Strategy with Workspot on Google Cloud, Powered by Intel


New levels of desktop simplicity. No compromises.

The workplace is evolving rapidly, and your enterprise desktop strategy needs to keep pace.

Workspot Cloud PCs running on Intel-powered Instances in Google Cloud unlock new levels of simplicity, flexibility, and performance for the hybrid work world.

Deliver a standout user experience. Scale effortlessly. And customize everything – while you keep it all secure. Workspot offers a 100% cloud-native SaaS solution for virtual desktops that can help you take your enterprise desktop strategy to the next level as work becomes less centralized and more mobile.

Intel and Google: Enabling a new approach to enterprise desktops

Intel and Google Cloud technologies help fuel the scalability, performance, and security of the Workspot platform. Google Cloud Compute Engine, equipped with powerful Intel Xeon Scalable processors, enables Workspot to deliver reliable low-latency Cloud PCs that users across the world can access from almost any device.

What’s unique about the Workspot Cloud PC approach?

Cloud and on-premises VDI strategies

The DIY approach

  • Requires a full stack of technologies and services that must be purchased and/or managed by your IT department.
  • May present integration difficulties with existing corporate tools.
  • Often necessitates collaboration with a service provider, cloud provider, and consultants, which increase costs and complexity.
  • Ongoing need for upgrades, maintenance, and troubleshooting inflates operating expenses.
  • End-user performance is substandard for many use cases.
  • Complex management that can require staff to use numerous tools and platforms.

Workspot Cloud desktops

The modern approach to enterprise desktops

  • Streamlined, turnkey, and simple, with no need to purchase and maintain infrastructure, virtualization tools, or integration services.
  • Integrates with your existing corporate tools for authentication, antivirus, data loss prevention, and PC management.
  • SLA, upgrades, maintenance, and troubleshooting are handled by Workspot and Google Cloud experts.
  • Leverages all advantages of Intel technology alongside Google Cloud’s network infrastructure and services such as security.
  • Simplified single-pane-of-glass management through Workspot Control, with flexibility to deploy Cloud PCs in different cloud environments as needed.


  • Simplicity: No need to configure infrastructure, hypervisors, or instances. Workspot on Google Cloud is a turnkey SaaS platform that removes the complexity from provisioning enterprise desktops. Deploy the right desktop for each user while your team manages everything from a single pane of glass.
  • Built with zero-trust security in mind: Distinct control and data planes enable us to enforce enterprise zero-trust security policies.
  • Performance and user experience: Intel-powered instances in regional Google Cloud data centers can be delivered with minimal latency (typically within 25 ms), so users enjoy a frictionless desktop experience.1
  • Predictable and flexible costs: Flat rate and consumption-based pricing options allow you to pick the best cost structure for your use cases.
  • Outstanding reliability: Industry-leading 99.95% reliability gives you peace of mind and allows your IT team to focus on strategic matters instead of uptime.1
  • Scalability: Deploy in days, scale in minutes. Workspot, Google Cloud, and Intel technologies unlock seamless scalability and agility as your needs fluctuate.
  • Customizable: Support your existing investments in enterprise IT tools and systems.
  • Dedicated support: The Workspot Network Operations Center provides 24/7 customer support and real-time visibility to rapidly resolve issues.

Use cases

Reimagine your Corporate IT strategy with a new approach to end user computing.

Connect remote and mobile workers: Provide easy on-the-go access to off-site employees without sacrificing the user experience.

Augment your virtual desktop infrastructure: Use Workspot on Google Cloud to enable extra scalability, reach, and agility alongside your legacy virtual desktop implementation.

Equip everyday users for success: Provide knowledge workers with a fast, simple, and secure desktop computing experience that’s accessible anywhere.

Secure contractor access: Easily provide contractors with access to your organization’s desktop computing environment while retaining full control.

Why Workspot?

Compared to legacy VDI, Workspot offers massively enhanced scalability and performance while removing IT complexity and decreasing total cost of ownership.

Compared to physical devices, the Workspot SaaS platform lets IT departments deploy secure desktops in minutes instead of weeks or months. Quickly give employees, contractors, and partners secure access to the applications and data they need for productivity from almost any device.

Compared to desktop as a service offerings such as Amazon WorkSpaces, Workspot easily accommodates a greater degree of customization – including corporate images, applications, and security and authentication services and processes.

Workspot also offers greater speed of deployment, more global scale, and more-thorough observability than Amazon WorkSpaces.

In contrast to Windows 365 Cloud PCs, Workspot offers support for a broader range of support enterprise requirements, including choice of solutions for identity and access management, multifactor authentication, security tools, management tools, and processes.

The Workspot Advantage

The Workspot platform is 100% cloud-native SaaS. Workspot separates the control and data planes to ensure low-latency deployments with outstanding performance.

This also helps us support enterprise requirements such as zero-trust security and on-demand scalability.

The Intel advantage

Intel hardware fuels outstanding desktop performance for Workspot users.

Up to 27% increased vCPU performance with 2nd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processor vs. prior gen.1

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  1. Based on internal analysis by Workspot.

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