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Social media has allowed average Ukrainians to easily share photos of the terrible events of war. This clearly has helped counter Russian propaganda for justifying its special military operations.

These posts, which are filled with human emotion and graphic detail, provide both micro-and macro effects of war. Weintraub said that their narrative is focused on civilian and infrastructure effects as well as the military consequences of Russian actions. It is even more striking to see the success of the Ukrainian army juxtaposed against the devastation inflicted on the cities and communities and daily lives of those who reside and live there.

It has been especially useful to share images from the Russian invaders’ atrocities on social media. This kind of real-time reporting was previously impossible. The global view of these images is a positive sign.

Pelfrey said, “Telling stories of displaced persons and families experiencing deprivation, homelessness, fear over lost loved ones, anxiety about family members who took on the invaders. These are the narratives Ukrainian social media has been telling.”

A video showing a child from Ukraine singing Disney songs inside a bomb shelter was mentioned by him. He said that it had resonance because all people could relate to the lyrics.

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