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Top 10 and best health insurance companies in USA

In this article, we’ll take a look at the top 10 health insurance companies in the United States. We’ll also provide some information on each company so that you can make an informed decision about which one is right for you. Clover Health Clover Health is a top health insurance company in the United States.… Read More »

Gaming laptop sale: Save $450 on the Acer Nitro 5 gaming PC

[ad_1] Acer | Getty On the back of Amazon’s Early Prime Access Sale, other US retailers have launched their own sales events. Taiwanese tech giant Acer, a hardware manufacturer, is one such vendor. The company is well-known for its laptop and accessory ranges, which include devices built with gaming in mind.  A deal we’ve spotted… Read More »

StarHub links up patients, doctors with Fitbit data

[ad_1] StarHub has introduced a mobile service that lets users share access to their Fitbit data and enable a network of caregivers to support their healthcare management. The Singapore telco has signed up 300 patients for the launch.  It also roped in Alexandra Hospital as a partner on the platform, connecting the hospital’s health coaches… Read More »

12 top-notch libraries for C++ programming

[ad_1] C++ is a general-purpose systems programming language that is now more than 40 years old, having been designed in 1979. Far from losing steam, C++ still ranks near the top of multiple programming language popularity indexes. Smoothing the path to C++ usage is broad support for the language among the makers of IDEs, editors,… Read More »

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LOADING… Please Wait 20 sec. Social media have changed how the war in Ukraine has been reported on and seen by the rest of the world. While the average civilians on the ground can post images, the Ukrainian government and military have also used the various social media platforms as a means to highlight its… Read More »

The Top Instagram Photo Editing Trends in 2022

[ad_1] On Instagram, photo editing trends move pretty dang fast. Just cast your mind back to those days when your feed was flooded with heavily filtered, square-cropped photos. Though it was only a couple of years ago, in 2022, that style looks so dated that you might as well be posting a daguerreotype. Your average… Read More »

Web browsers need to stop trying to be all things to everyone

[ad_1] iStockphoto/Getty Images I’ve been using Firefox for decades. That doesn’t mean I’ve used it nonstop for that period. In fact, there have been plenty of instances where I’ve shrugged off the open-source browser in favor of another. Some of those instances were simply because one browser added a feature that I wanted to make… Read More »

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Male >  Female > Social media has allowed average Ukrainians to easily share photos of the terrible events of war. This clearly has helped counter Russian propaganda for justifying its special military operations. These posts, which are filled with human emotion and graphic detail, provide both micro-and macro effects of war. Weintraub said that their… Read More »