"EU Lawmakers Urge Prosecution of Lukashenko for Role in Ukraine War" - IT SPARK Media

“EU Lawmakers Urge Prosecution of Lukashenko for Role in Ukraine War”

The Foreign Affairs committee of the European Parliament has called upon the International Criminal Court (ICC) to consider issuing an arrest warrant for Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko due to the country’s involvement in the Ukraine war. In a newly released report, the committee also demanded the release of all political prisoners held by the Belarusian regime and expressed concerns about the nation’s subservience to Moscow.

According to the EU lawmakers, Belarus bears responsibility for the damage inflicted and crimes committed in Ukraine, including its participation in the illicit transfer of children. The report further emphasizes the need for the EU institutions and member states to take necessary measures at the international level, enabling the criminal prosecution of Belarusian political and military leaders accountable for crimes against humanity and genocide.

In a related development, the ICC had previously issued an arrest warrant in March for Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russian official Maria Lvova-Belova. The warrant was issued in connection with an alleged scheme involving the deportation of Ukrainian children to Russia.

The call for Lukashenko’s prosecution and the concerns raised about Belarus’s actions in the Ukraine war reflect the ongoing efforts of the EU to address accountability and justice for crimes committed during the conflict. The situation highlights the geopolitical complexities and the need for international cooperation in ensuring accountability for those responsible for human rights violations and war crimes.