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JetBrains adds to Aqua testing IDE


JetBrains has updated its Aqua IDE for test automation, emphasizing new support for the Playwright and Cypress test frameworks and debugging.

The update is being announced June 8. Added support for these two frameworks enables running of tests, configuring tests runners, and searching specific test cases. Test automation engineers who had tested the IDE requested Playwright and Cypress support. Still in a preview form, Aqua previously has supported the Selenium API and Selenide UI tests in Java. The new version of Aqua also provides a debugger out of the box inside the IDE, enhances code editing with code insight, and supports specific functions and expressions of the frameworks.

Using Aqua, quality assurance engineers can develop automated UI and API tests. Aqua supports Java, Kotlin, JavaScript, Python, TypeScript, and SQL, offering intelligent coding assistance for each of them. It was introduced in preview in November 2022. Test automation engineers can download the latest preview build via the Toolbox App or the project website. Feedback can be provided at

Aqua covers aspects of test automation, including database management to connect to multiple databases, an editor-based HTTP client to run complex HTTP requests, Docker support, and an embedded web inspector that lets users view web applications and capture page elements required for automated tests.

JetBrains, perhaps best known as the makers of the IntelliJ Idea IDE and Kotlin, said Aqua draws on more than 20 years in IDE development, with the company honing in on the development of test tools. Aqua offers language-specific features from IntelliJ Idea and other JetBrains IDEs, including PyCharm and Webcam.

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