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Latest Apple Xcode IDE improves code completion


Apple has spruced up its signature Xcode IDE with enhanced code completion and an improved compiler, with Xcode 15. The Xcode platform itself also supports development for new Vision Pro devices.

Unveiled June 5 and now in beta, Xcode 15 offers enhanced code completion to help developers write safer code faster, now referencing all development assets. Projects build faster due to improvements in the compiler and a new linker, optimized for the multicore architecture of Apple silicon hardware. Other capabilities in Xcode 15 include live animations and interactive previews. Developers can use Git to stage a next commit without leaving code. Also, Version 15 offers redesigned test reports with video recording. Developers can deploy to the TestFlight testing application and the App Store from the Xcode Cloud continuous integration and delivery service.

Xcode, which leverages the Swift programming language and the SwiftUI tool, enables development, testing, and distribution of apps for all Apple platforms. Development for Apple’s new Vision Pro spatial computing headset and visionOS is supported with the overall Xcode platform, via a visionOS SDK. Vision Pro also was announced June 5 but will not be available in the United States until early 2024.

Downloadable from Apple’s Developer website, the Xcode 15 beta supports the latest SDKs for iOS, iPadOS, MacOS, tvOS, and watchOS. Version 15 is 50% smaller on the Mac App Store, with downloadable simulator runtimes for all platforms. Other features of Xcode 15 include:

  • A new Bookmark navigator helps developers track landmarks in code and organize tasks.
  • Localization assets are streamlined in a String Catalog, providing a centralized way to review and update them.
  • Documentation has been redesigned.

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