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This free AI tool can write your cover letters, and its easier to use than ChatGPT


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Whether this is your first job hunt or there’ve been too many to count, one thing remains the same, getting a new job can be very stressful. Finding a job listing that fits your needs is only half the battle. 

Before you can submit an application, you have to go through the various material requirements, including a resume and the dreaded cover letter.

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A cover letter is meant to be this perfectly curated communication to your potential employer that not only highlights all of your strengths but also tailors those qualities to the specific role you’re applying for.

Moreover, when you’re on the job hunt, you’re most likely applying to several positions at a time — with each one requiring a uniquely hand-crafted cover letter. Well, Cover Letter Copilot has you covered.

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This free AI tool saves your resume and only requires a job description and title for the job you are interested in to generate cover letters at the touch of a key.

How to get started

Getting started is pretty simple. All you have to do is visit the Cover Letter Copilot site and click the upper right-hand corner that says “Get started for free.” 

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You will be prompted to sign up with your Gmail account or create an account with your email. 

Sign in to Cover Letter Copilot

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Testing the tool 

After you sign in, you will be taken to the prompt page where you can fill out the information needed to get your cover letter generated. All the prompts are carefully labeled, which makes the process pretty intuitive. 

Cover Letter Copilot prompt page

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The only materials you will need on hand are your resume and the job listing for the new job you are interested in applying to. Then you can upload your resume and fill in the blanks to generate your resume. 

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For simplicity purposes, I applied to the Associate Editor position I hold now at ZDNET. The result was a thoughtful, cohesive, and thorough cover letter that I would have felt comfortable submitting if I were actually applying to be on the team.

 I attached a photo of the end result but blacked out the more personal details that I only want/need an employer to see. 


Screenshot by Sabrina Ortiz/ZDNET

You can then tweak the cover letter to your liking both in terms of content and layout. For example, you can change details such as font, headings, graphics, links, and more. 

When you are done, you have the option to either copy and paste the letter or download it as a PDF. If you choose to export it as a PDF, you are ready to then attach that same file to your application. 

Export Cover letter screenshot

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There is also an option to generate another cover letter which takes you back to the original prompts page. However, this time you don’t need to refill out your personal details such as name and resume, saving you time. 

How is Cover Letter Copilot easier than ChatGPT? 

Cover Letter Copilot is easier because it saves your personal information, requiring you to just copy and paste the listing for the job you are applying for to get a perfectly curated cover letter.

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With ChatGPT you have to ask it a lot more prompts and feed it manually with fresh detail every time to get a cover letter generated. It is still a very solid option. 

Cover Letter Copilot also makes the exporting process easier, allowing you to design the cover letter to your liking and export it as a PDF all from one place. 


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