CIOs Face Transformation of Their Roles, Expanding Purview

[ad_1] There are many challenges facing the CIO today: finding and retaining talent, a hybrid workforce and the resulting security issues, and supply chain shortages. Meanwhile, CIOs are being asked to take on more than ever. They, and their teams, are becoming the facilitators of organizational strategy and innovation as IT is now largely responsible … Read more

Is the IT Strategic Plan Working for Your Organization?

[ad_1] The purpose of an IT strategic plan is to define the direction of IT activities over the next three to five years, and to give upper management and IT itself a sense of purpose and direction. Unfortunately, many times this plan never leaves the desk of the CIO. In practice, although upper management is … Read more

The Evolving Roles of CIO and IT Leaders

[ad_1] Those wondering about the role of the CIO in the digital age need only look at the keyword in the middle of the title: Chief “Information” Officer. The corporate world actually isn’t just about being “digital” or “data driven”. That digital data represents what the organization actually knows: Information about itself, its customers, and … Read more

Stop Spending on Bad Tech

[ad_1] The time for digital transformation has come and gone, but some organizations still lag. A successful transformation means having the right resources — money and talent — in place. As US IT departments continue to hemorrhage money trying to upkeep broken systems, the time is now for IT leaders to think about how to … Read more

Why it’s Essential for CIOs to Be a More Dominant Force in the C-Suite

[ad_1] With IT becoming center stage for the vast majority of companies, CIOs accordingly need to improve their leadership style as a dominant force within the C-suite. New technology, hiring (and retaining) the next generation of IT professionals, and sustainability issues are forcing CIOs to become more responsive to organizational needs. Companies that don’t adopt … Read more

IT Leaders Turn to the Cloud as Tech Budgets Come Under Scrutiny

[ad_1] With market volatility on the rise and economic headwinds gathering, CIOs are looking to rent cloud-based IT infrastructure and software on subscription-based models rather than placing big tech bets on lump-sum investments. A recent Gartner report found cloud consulting and implementation and cloud managed services are expected to reach $255 billion this year, with … Read more

The ‘Fractional’ CMO and the Role CIOs Play

[ad_1] The job of the chief marketing officer (CMO) is to deliver superior brand experiences, but they are struggling to manage more channels than ever, are tasked with more responsibilities, and are under enormous pressure to drive profitable growth. This poses new opportunities and business challenges for companies who are looking for immediate marketing leadership. … Read more