Could They Work for Cloud Services?

[ad_1] The pandemic ushered in a period of digital transformation so unprecedented that it made futuristic endeavors a reality. One major trend that emerged was consumers gravitated toward platforms and services that offered a subscription-based model — a trend that isn’t slowing down. In fact, UBS estimates that the subscription economy will expand into a … Read more

Top 10 Trends Transforming the Cloud According to Forrester

[ad_1] In a recent report issued by Forrester, ten trends stood out as shapers of how the cloud’s continued evolution as more organizations try leverage its potential. A core takeaway from the report was the theme that cloud strategies must be refined with cloud-native adoption being accelerated. Based on the report, even companies that already … Read more

Box and MongoDB CEOs Chat About Software and the Future of Work

[ad_1] At a dinner conversation last week in New York with a small gathering of tech journalists, the CEOs of MongoDB and Box shared their thoughts on software, the future of work, and how the return to office is playing out. While individual companies make their own decisions amid shifting responses to the pandemic, there … Read more

SAP North America’s New President Talks Reinventing for the Cloud

[ad_1] With a change in leadership, SAP North America continues its own transformation in the era of cloud computing. On September 1, Lloyd Adams became president of SAP North America after being a veteran with the company since 1998. He most recently served as SAP’s managing director of the East region of the United States. … Read more

How Data Science Fits into the Cloud Spend Equation

[ad_1] The work of data science teams can be intertwined with cloud and other tech assets, which can make them part of budgetary questions raised about cloud spending. This is just one of the ways data scientists have expanded beyond some old expectations of the work they do and the assets they leverage. If steps … Read more

Why Tough Times Seem to Spur Tech Innovation

[ad_1] Prices are soaring, supply chains are buckling, and many businesses are struggling to survive. Yet can it be possible that all of this bad news is actually good news for tech innovators? “There’s an old proverb that says, ‘Innovation is the mother of necessity’,” says Tom Warden, chief insurance and science officer at CLARA … Read more