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Ant Group lists OceanBase on AWS Marketplace to increase reach


In its effort to make its database services available to customers globally, Alibaba affiliate Ant Group on Thursday said that it had listed its OceanBase Cloud in the AWS Marketplace.

Listing the distributed SQL-compatible database will allow AWS customers to access it quicker and address their transactional and operational workloads, the company said.

OceanBase, which was made available commercially in 2017, started off as a project in Alibaba in 2010 to replace Oracle and support the massive transactional workloads of Alipay, Alibaba’s financial services arm.

The database supports hybrid transactional analytical processing (HTAP)—an architectural approach wherein a database gathers data that is later copied to another system for analytics.

In August, the company released the latest version of the database, dubbed OceanBase 4.0, with features such as zero data loss rate and a disaster recovery time of less than eight seconds compared to the previous release’s recovery time of 30 seconds, making it appropriate for small and medium-size businesses.

OceanBase expects to support other public cloud service providers soon.

“OceanBase, which is cloud-neutral, will continue to work with cloud vendors to broaden access to our time-tested capabilities in managing data-intensive transactions and multiple real-time analytical workloads,” said Yin Boxue, general manager of public cloud services division at OceanBase, in a press release.

Ant Group’s strategy to list its database on the AWS Marketplace assumes significance as several other China-based databases, such as Apache Doris and StarRocks, are starting to target the North American and European markets.

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