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Apollo GraphQL debuts GraphOS platform for building ‘supergraphs’


Apollo on October 5 introduced Apollo GraphOS, a cloud-based platform to build, connect, and scale any supergraph, which is the company’s concept for creating a network of data, microservices, and digital capabilities.

GraphOS offers a modular architecture to connect data and services, via the supergraph. Key features of GraphOS include:

  • Cloud-hosted or self-hosted routing for supergraphs with built-in federation.
  • Capabilities such as live queries and edge caching.
  • Provision of a central source of information for schemas and a delivery pipeline for changes. Developers can be kept up-to-date on schema changes.
  • Security and governance practices. Users can control access to a supergraph.
  • CI/CD observability.
  • Collaboration tools

The supergraph, introduced by Apollo GraphQL in May, is intended to empower product and engineering teams and eliminate the complexity of sourcing and orchestrating data, APIs, microservices, and client applications during the application development process. It promises the automation of organization-wide composability.

GraphOS will soon add the ability to link supergraphs beyond organizational firewalls, Apollo GraphQL said. Building modern apps requires connecting disparate third-party APIs such as partners, payment services, content management systems, or APIs. This is usually done manually through REST connections. GraphOS provides a foundation for a global supergraph that acts as a marketplace of data available to developers to query for anything needed in a single operation.

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