Biden authorizes Pentagon to send up to 3,000 reserve forces to Europe amid the war in Ukraine - IT SPARK Media

Biden authorizes Pentagon to send up to 3,000 reserve forces to Europe amid the war in Ukraine

In response to Russia’s ongoing war in Ukraine, President Joe Biden has authorized the Pentagon to deploy up to 3,000 reserve forces to Europe. The United States already has over 100,000 service members stationed in Europe, a number that has increased since Russia’s invasion began in February 2022.

Under the new authorization, these reservists will join Operation Atlantic Resolve, which involves rotational deployments to reinforce NATO and its eastern flank. With the signing of the executive order, Operation Atlantic Resolve has been designated as a contingency operation, granting reservists the same benefits as active-duty service members.

It’s important to note that no US troops are directly engaged in the conflict in Ukraine, as Kyiv is not a member of the NATO alliance.

Lt. Gen. Douglas Sims, Joint Staff Director of Operations, highlighted that this new designation provides various benefits to the reservists and their families, such as increased authorities, entitlements, and access to the Reserve component forces and personnel. However, due to the necessary advance notice, it is estimated that it will take approximately six months to deploy these reservists to the theater.

The additional troops are expected to contribute primarily to logistics and sustainment efforts, as well as in medical fields like dentistry and healthcare. These are roles that reservists typically have a greater presence in compared to the active-duty force.

Since 2014, US forces have been deployed to Europe as part of Atlantic Resolve to collaborate with allies and partners in the region. Pentagon press secretary Brig. Gen. Patrick Ryder emphasized that the new designation will enhance the Defense Department’s ability to provide better support and sustainment to its forces. This includes improved contracting responsiveness, personnel-related entitlements that align with those of active component personnel, and more effective tracking of spending associated with this contingency.

The executive order authorizing the mobilization of additional forces empowers officials to call upon troops to support Atlantic Resolve. Importantly, these activated reservists will be entitled to the same benefits as their active-duty counterparts.