"Ukraine Constructs New Fortifications Along Northern Border" - IT SPARK Media

“Ukraine Constructs New Fortifications Along Northern Border”

Ukraine is intensifying efforts to secure and fortify its northern border with Belarus and Russia, implementing measures to create a strong defense line. Additionally, civilians residing in border regions are being encouraged to relocate to safer areas.

Lt. Gen. Serhii Naiev, Commander of the Joint Forces, revealed that Ukraine is actively constructing engineering barriers along the state border, including anti-tank ditches and minefields, to prevent the infiltration of enemy sabotage groups and armored vehicles. The objective is to make the border area “impassable” due to the absence of friendly forces on the other side.

In the past 10 days alone, the Ukrainian military has accomplished several significant tasks, which include the installation of 30 anti-tank minefields and barriers employing over 5.8 thousand mines. They have also developed approximately 5,000 meters of trenches, constructed 6,500 meters of anti-tank ditches, and established protected firing positions.

Furthermore, Ukrainian authorities are actively urging civilians residing in areas of Sumy, which frequently come under shelling from across the border, to relocate. Stringent measures have been implemented, including the prohibition of flying drones and waterway activities, as well as the imposition of a ban on gatherings, entertainment, and other mass events within 20 kilometers (approximately 12 miles) of the border.

By reinforcing the northern border with enhanced fortifications and encouraging the relocation of civilians from vulnerable areas, Ukraine aims to bolster its defense capabilities and minimize the potential impact of cross-border hostilities.