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Biden to Hold Talks on Security Cooperation with Nordic Leaders in Finland

President Joe Biden is currently in Helsinki, Finland, where he is holding a summit with Nordic leaders on Thursday. The meeting presents an opportunity for the countries to enhance their security cooperation in the face of growing threats from Russia and China.

The summit brings together the leaders of Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, and Denmark, marking the first such gathering under the Biden administration. It follows a significant development in Vilnius, Lithuania, where Turkey dropped its objections to Sweden’s accession to NATO earlier this week. This positive development sets the stage for discussions on various pressing issues.

The Nordic leaders enter the meeting with a sense of momentum, as Finland recently joined NATO and Sweden is on track to become a member. This showcases their unity and resolve in the face of Russia’s ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Turkey’s decision to drop its opposition to Sweden’s NATO membership marks a remarkable shift in its position after more than a year of concerns.

In addition to addressing Russia and China’s presence in the Arctic, another crucial topic on the agenda is Arctic security. The Arctic region is becoming increasingly accessible due to climate change, and both China and Russia have been expanding their military presence in the area. Satellite images obtained by CNN have revealed Russia’s ongoing efforts to fortify and expand radar bases and runways in the Arctic region amid the more than 500 days of war in Ukraine.

The discussions in Finland will provide an opportunity for President Biden and the Nordic leaders to strategize and collaborate on security measures to safeguard their shared interests in the face of evolving geopolitical challenges.