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‘Resting,’ Fired, Believed Dead: Missing Russian Generals Expose Cracks in Faltering Military

The Russian command in southern Ukraine has suffered significant setbacks, losing two generals within a 24-hour period, highlighting deficiencies and dissent among Russia’s military leadership.

The first incident occurred when a Ukrainian missile struck a hotel in Berdyansk, which had been occupied by the Russian military. Among the casualties was Lieutenant General Oleg Tsokov, the deputy commander of the Southern Military District and a key figure in Russia’s defense of occupied areas in southern Ukraine. Tsokov’s death marks one of the highest-ranking Russian generals to be killed in the Ukrainian campaign.

A more alarming development followed with the emergence of a four-minute audio message from Major-General Ivan Popov, the commander of the 58th Combined Arms Army. In the message, Popov condemned what he described as treachery within Russia’s military leadership and pointed out inadequacies leading to significant casualties among his troops.

Popov raised concerns about the lack of counter-battery fires, absence of artillery reconnaissance stations, and the high number of deaths and injuries caused by enemy artillery. He also highlighted other problems within the Russian military. Popov’s message sheds light on critical issues, including the lack of operational reserves for personnel rotations and the potential brittleness of Russian defensive lines.

In a bitter attack, Popov accused Russia’s chief-of-staff, Valery Gerasimov, of betraying the army at a critical moment. He also implicated Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu, stating that senior commanders swiftly concocted an order to remove him from duty and get rid of him.

These incidents reveal cracks in Russia’s faltering military, indicating operational deficiencies and internal conflicts among the leadership. The loss of two generals in a short span of time raises concerns about the effectiveness and cohesion of Russian forces in southern Ukraine.