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Facts About Advertising

Facts About Advertising

Advertising agencies need to be staffed with highly skilled people because they can’t sell the product, there is no point in making it. The role of an advertising agency is to create a strategy for its clients that will allow the products and services they advertise to be seen by as many consumers as possible. For this to happen, the marketing strategies need to reach a large audience with an attractive platform or offer.

Jordan Sudberg has seen some of the most highly successful marketing strategies for medical devices and pharmaceutical products worldwide. He has developed these strategies based on his extensive experience and knowledge of the world of medicine and drug discovery. Sudberg is involved with most major medical device corporations to help them find their way through the marketing maze.

1. There is No Outdoor Advertising in Sao Paulo, Brazil

While there is a plethora of outdoor advertising in the United States, this is not the case for Sao Paulo, Brazil. Brazilian law prohibits any form of outdoor advertising. This law was enacted to protect consumers from being bombarded with too much information and exposed to many potentially harmful and unnecessary messages.

2. Millennials Are Distracted Viewers of Television

According to a study conducted by NeuroFocus, most Millennials pay little attention to live television, and the advertisements played during it. The study indicates that most Millennials watch TV while using other devices, such as personal computers or phones. They are also distracted by social media and other Internet sites. As a result, marketers have had difficulty getting their messages across in an effective manner.

3. Ads Have Massively High ROI

A marketing campaign’s return on investment is usually measured by its success in bringing clients new customers. There are very few marketing applications that generate such high ROI for their developers in comparison to ads. The advertisements placed on TV are among the most effective tools in developing new customers.

Despite their success in reaching the right audiences with the right messages, it is estimated that ads have a return on investment that is more than six times higher than that of any other form of marketing. This is because the ad cost, measured by air time, can be only approximately $12.47 per thousand viewers. By contrast, products and services are sold on television at much higher prices, often costing around $20 to $150 per thousand viewers. Sudberg’s innovative strategies can help increase marketing strategies’ effectiveness and make them more effective than ever.

4. Marketers Are Better Able To Optimize Ads Than Ever Before

The great challenge that most marketers face is how to split-test different messages to arrive at the right one. Most of them spend thousands of dollars on each test, but they cannot get reliable data. They have trouble determining whether a specific message works effectively or not.

While this is still a challenge, many marketers have been able to overcome it through the use of highly advanced analytical tools. In the present day, whenever an ad is tested online or on television, the response rates are tracked and recorded.
Jordan Sudberg‘s experience and knowledge of medical industry marketing makes him one of the best people to talk to the need for innovative strategies.


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