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Forget Pixel 7: The Galaxy Flip 4 is on sale at Target


Samsung Flip 4 filming video

Image: Samsung

Google may have just announced the new Pixel 7 Pro yesterday, but if you’re thinking it’s time to pick up another phone, why not make it something that fits into your back pocket? The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 phone just dropped $100 in price at Target, bringing the total for a 128GB model down to $899.

Released earlier this year, the Flip 4 phone features a flexible 6.7-inch display that, when folded, offers a customizable cover screen so you don’t have to unfold the entire phone – you can see what’s going on with a glance. Because it’s a foldable mobile device, you can operate the camera, video, and more with a dedicated Flex Mode, too.

Speaking of the camera, you’ll get one of the best on the market, with specialized Nightography settings to help you capture those late-night fast food run memories, and the Quick Shot, a feature to snap your best selfies. You’ll also get a 10MP camera on the front-facing camera as well as a 12MP Ultra-Wide and 12MP Wide lenses, too.

ZDNET Editor-in-Chief and Red Ventures Vice President Jason Hiner personally reviewed the Galaxy Z Flip 4 at its initial launch in August. An expert on mobile devices, he felt the flexible camera was an innovative, must-have device for vloggers and content creators, saying, “the Flip 4 has become one of the most innovative phones in the world for people who take a lot of photos and videos with their phones. It will especially appeal to vloggers and those who like to use mini-tripods to self-shoot more professional-looking images.”

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At $100 off, this is a great deal on the new Bora Purple color that was also released this year, but you can also get it in Blue and Graphite for a more neutral look. If this sounds like the device for you, you’ll need to pick it up sooner rather than later. While Target Deal Days runs through October 8, we can’t guarantee that the stock will last. 

And, if you’ve been prepping for Amazon’s Prime Early Access Sale, don’t sleep on the Target Deal Days. While it started yesterday, you have until October 8 to score Black Friday-like deals. We’re highlighting some of the best deals, including this $300 off deal on a Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ bundle as well as an Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet for only $44.


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