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Is that Amazon Early Access Sale deal really a deal?


If you’re an Amazon shopper, you’ve probably noticed that the company is always offering some sort of deals to sell products and, while many times these are truly great deals, it’s good to know how to determine that.

There are third-party sites like CamelCamelCamel, for example, that let you simply copy the Amazon URL into it and find the price history on that item, complete with visual charts, lowest price history, and price trends. You can also add an extension to Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Safari, called the Camelizer.

Honey and PriceBlink are two resources that provide Amazon price tracking in the form of a browser extension. Simply adding one of these extensions to your browser will trigger a popup to launch when you visit an Amazon product page, informing you if any other sellers have a lower price for that item.

Of course, Amazon wouldn’t live up to the term “tech giant” without adding its own price tracker to the mix. Amazon Assistant is another browser extension that compares prices on competitor sites and even lets you add those items to an Amazon wish list.


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