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Russia Imposes Notification Requirement on UK Diplomatic Mission Employees

In response to perceived hostile actions by London, Russia has announced the implementation of a notification procedure for employees of British diplomatic missions traveling within its territory, as stated by the Russian Foreign Ministry on Thursday.

The new requirement will apply to personnel from the British Embassy in Moscow and the Consulate General in Yekaterinburg. They will be obligated to submit a notice of travel outside the 120 kilometers (75 miles) free movement zone at least five working days in advance. The notice should include details such as the timing, purpose, type of trip, planned business contacts, transportation, and the route of the journey.

UK ChargĂ© d’Affaires, Tom Dodd, was summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry on Thursday, where he spent over an hour engaging in discussions. Ahead of the meeting, Dodd expressed his country’s desire for peace in Ukraine and the withdrawal of Russian troops from the region.

During the encounter, the Russian Foreign Ministry conveyed its disapproval of what they deemed as support for the “terrorist actions of the Kyiv regime.”

The ministry warned that any further attempts by London to maintain a “destructive line” against Moscow, demonize Russia, and complicate the operations of its foreign agencies would be met with a decisive response.

The move signifies heightened tensions between Russia and the UK and underscores the ongoing complexities in diplomatic relations between the two nations amid the broader context of the Ukrainian crisis.