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Ukraine Warns Russian Ships of Similar Fate as Sunken Warship Moskva

Amid rising tensions in the Black Sea, Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry accused Russia of violating its international obligations by threatening civilian ships heading to Ukrainian ports. In response, the Ukrainian military issued a stern warning to Russian vessels in the region, stating that they could meet a fate similar to the guided-missile cruiser Moskva, which Ukraine sank in the Black Sea in April 2022.

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry emphasized that the Black Sea has become a dangerous zone, particularly for Russian and other vessels bound for both Russian and Ukrainian seaports situated in Ukraine’s temporarily occupied territory. The ministry held the Russian leadership fully responsible for all potential risks, asserting that the Ukrainian Defense Forces possess the means to counter Russian aggression at sea, as demonstrated by the Moskva’s fate.

After Russia’s withdrawal from the Black Sea Grain Initiative, the Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement on Wednesday declaring that all ships bound for Ukrainian ports would be considered potential carriers of military cargo. In response, Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry condemned this stance, asserting that it grossly violates Russia’s international obligations to not only Ukraine but all states engaged in peaceful navigation in the Black Sea.

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry further criticized Russia for creating a danger zone in the Black Sea through its open threats to civilian vessels transporting food from Ukrainian ports, missile and drone attacks on civilian infrastructure, and deliberate establishment of a military threat along trade routes.

In a parallel response to Russia’s language, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry announced that starting Friday, all vessels sailing towards Russian Federation seaports and Ukrainian seaports located in Russia’s occupied Ukrainian territory could be regarded by Ukraine as carrying military cargo, along with associated risks. This escalation adds to the mounting tensions in the region, elevating concerns about the safety of civilian ships and the potential for further conflict.