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Russia: Odesa Airstrikes Continue in Retaliation for Crimea Bridge Attack

The Russian Defense Ministry stated on Thursday that its attacks on Odesa for three consecutive nights were in response to Ukraine’s initial attack on the Crimea bridge. The Ministry claimed that their strikes specifically targeted facilities related to Ukraine’s seaborne attack drones.

According to the daily statement from the Russian Defense Ministry, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation conducted retaliatory strikes using precise sea and air-based weaponry. The targets were production shops and storage sites associated with unmanned boats in the areas of Odesa and Chornomorsk.

In contrast, Ukrainian officials reported that Russia’s strikes resulted in the destruction of civilian infrastructure connected to grain exports at Odesa’s port. Regrettably, during the attack on a civil administration building in the city, one Ukrainian security guard lost their life.

Oleh Kiper, the head of Odesa regional military administration, conveyed on Telegram that the terrorists not only targeted the ports involved in grain deals but also caused damage to civilian infrastructure. Among the casualties was an administrative building in Odesa’s center, and the blast wave damaged several other buildings, including residential structures.

Additionally, the Russian Defense Ministry asserted that they also destroyed fuel infrastructure facilities and ammunition depots belonging to the Ukrainian military near the city of Mykolaiv.

As background information, Ukrainian officials had previously claimed responsibility for Monday’s strike on the crucial bridge that links the annexed Crimean peninsula to the Russian mainland. This bridge serves as a vital supply line for Russia’s war effort in Ukraine and holds significant strategic and symbolic value for Moscow. Known as the Kerch Bridge, it is the longest in Europe. Notably, this was the second attack on the bridge since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine; the first occurred when a fuel tanker exploded while crossing it in October.