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The 5 best MagSafe accessories of 2022


Features: Up to 15W of wireless charging | Up to 70% additional charge | White 

Apple’s MagSafe battery pack is one of the smallest packs available, even though pictures can make it look large. Inside are two battery cells with 11.13 Wh of capacity. It’s not capable of charging an iPhone from 0 to 100, but you should get a roughly 50% boost, depending on the phone you own. 

You’ll need to have iOS 14.7 or above installed in order for the pack to work with your iPhone fully. For example, when you place the pack on a compatible iPhone, you’ll see an animation on your screen letting you know how much of a charge the pack has. Your phone will then automatically begin charging.

There’s a Lightning port on the bottom of the pack for charging it. If you use a 20W adapter, you can charge both the pack and the iPhone at the same time by plugging the connector into your iPhone. Your iPhone will then use reverse wireless charging to top off the battery pack — the first time we’ve seen such a feature in use from any iPhone model. 


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