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The 5 best TV antennas of 2022


Range: 80 miles | Supported resolution: Up to 4K | VHF/UHF: Both | Impedance: 75 Ohms | Dimensions: 30 x 8 x 4 inches | Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor 

If you want to connect an over-air antenna to multiple TVs in your home, the Antop AT-500SBS Smart Bar is the best option. You can connect up to two televisions to the unit, so you can get free local news, sports, and entertainment channels in your living room, bedroom, garage, or basement. 

The Smart Bar features a sleek, modern design and allows for both vertical and horizontal placement. The design also allows the antenna to pick up signals from multiple directions, so you won’t have to spend all day finding the perfect placement in order to get reception. With the integrated signal booster, the Smart Bar can pick up television signals from up to 80 miles away. And you can easily switch between long and short range modes with the simple dial, so you only get the channels you’ll actually watch. 

The built-in LTE filter blocks interference from cellular devices and phone towers to give you a clearer picture and prevent annoying pixelation. It even has a built-in FM tuner, so you can listen to local radio stations when you need to keep up with weather alerts, local sports, or want music on while you do chores around the house.


  • LTE filter
  • FM tuner
  • Connect two TVs at once
  • 80-mile range


  • Large size might not be great for apartments
  • On the expensive side


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