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The 6 best Prime Day October earbuds deals on Amazon


If you’re in the market for headphones this October, look no further than Amazon, as it’s holding a Prime Early Access Sale.

Headphones have evolved over the past few years into a necessary tool for running errands, exercising, and working from home. While headphones are highly practical for blocking out surroundings on a daily basis, sometimes their prices aren’t as sweet. But don’t worry — Amazon’s Early Access Sale is underway.

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During October Prime Day, you can take advantage of some awesome headphone deals. We’ve rounded up the best bargains for your buck, so you can find the best headphones deal for your price point and audio preferences.

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The best earbuds deals on Amazon for October Prime Day

The top three deals are below, but we’ve listed additional Amazon deals worth checking out further down the page. We’ve also highlighted other great finds at non-Amazon retailers, such as Target and Best Buy, too. 


  • Current price: $119
  • Original price: $199

These may not be Samsung’s latest and greatest earbud model, but they still offer a suite of advanced audio features — and now for a sweet deal. With Intelligent Active Noise Cancellation, you can tune in and out of Samsung’s immersive audio with four varying ambient noise levels. As first-generation Galaxy Buds Pro, these headphones are IPX7 water-resistant with an ergonomic fit to reduce background noise. Plus, they offer 8 hours of playtime per charge. 

  • Current price: $169
  • Original price: $349

If you’re looking for an over-the-ear wireless headphone set for work or exercise, the Beats Studio 3 Noise Cancelling headphones may be your best bet. A longtime leader in both comfort and clear sound quality, Beats launched its latest model — and it’s no exception. With up to 22 hours of battery life, Apple’s W1 chip, and pure adaptive noise canceling (ANC) technology, you’ll get your money’s worth from desk to gym (and every activity in between). Plus, these headphones boast 3 hours of playtime after just a 10-minute charge. 

  • Current price: $89
  • Original price: $169

Anker’s audio affiliate, Soundcore, just made personalized noise-canceling earbuds even more affordable. These earbuds are engineered with a triple-point ergonomic shape that prevents excessive ear pressure, ear wings to lock in sound, and liquid silicone ear tips in various sizes. In other words, Soundcore assures a comfortable and practical fit. The Liberty Pros also offer standard noise canceling technology that customizes noise cancellation based on HearID analytics and surrounding sound to fine-tune your listening experience. 

More October Prime Day 2022 earbuds and headphone deals

Here are the latest Amazon Prime Early Access Sale deals we could find on earbuds and headphones:

As a working professional, I know how integral headphones are in work life and at home. After testing a suite of earbuds, analyzing reputable brands, and researching significant markdowns, I compiled this list of quality finds so you can get a reasonable price. 

ZDNET is committed to finding the best deals on high-quality devices and products that we would recommend to our closest family and friends. Because my favorite tech gadgets often carry a hefty price tag, I looked for deals that are at least 20% off, or are hardly ever on sale. I considered reputable brands and cross-referenced other sites with price tracking tools.

I also scanned customer reviews to see how the products perform before recommending that you purchase. Ultimately, my goal– and that of ZDNET– is to provide accurate advice to help you shop smarter. 

Designed to give shoppers early access to a plethora of deals before the holiday season officially kicks off, Amazon is holding a prime-day-like event in October. Officially dubbed the “Prime Early Access Sale, it’s technically not branded a “Prime Day” sale, it similarly lasts a couple days and is limited to Prime members.

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ZDNET has been scouring the sale to find the best deals by category: 

ZDNET is actually rounding up the best deals under $20 on Amazon right here:

Check out ZDNET’s live-blog coverage of the latest October Prime Day deals below. We’re covering the 48-hour sale in real time, delivering you the highlights as we find them. 


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