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Zelensky: No Doubts Remain About Ukraine’s NATO Membership

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky expressed optimism about Ukraine’s journey towards NATO membership, stating that any doubts and ambiguities regarding Ukraine’s inclusion in NATO have been eliminated. Zelensky made these remarks in his address following the NATO summit in Vilnius, Lithuania. He highlighted that not only do all NATO allies agree on Ukraine’s NATO membership, but there is also a strong majority within the alliance pushing for it.

During the summit, President Joe Biden and G7 leaders issued a joint declaration of support for Ukraine, focusing on enhancing the country’s military capabilities. Zelensky emphasized that this declaration provides concrete security guarantees from the top seven democracies in the world, establishing an unprecedented level of security for Ukraine.

Zelensky expressed gratitude to the countries that will commence training Ukrainian pilots on F-16 combat aircraft, acknowledging their contribution to Ukraine’s defense capabilities. These developments signify significant progress in Ukraine’s pursuit of NATO membership and reinforce Zelensky’s confidence in Ukraine’s future as part of the alliance.