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Prepared for Ransomware and Other Data Risks? Think Again

[ad_1] (SPONSORED ARTICLE) Every October, businesses take time to recognize Cybersecurity Awareness Month. As we approach the 18th year celebrating this initiative, the cyber awareness part is already a given. Cyber-attacks are everywhere, and they remain a continuous threat. Whether you are a large organization of 10,000 employees or a small mom and pop shop,… Read More »

How Cyberattackers Are Changing Their Strategies

[ad_1] Yuval Wollman has a rare holistic view of the complex — and often-siloed — cybersecurity ecosystem. With time spent in the Israeli legal, financial, and intelligence sectors, most recently as director general of the Ministry of Intelligence Affairs, he is intimately familiar with the impact of cyberattacks across all aspects of government and enterprise.… Read More »