Data Storage IT Careers Evolve with the Cloud

[ad_1] When it comes to IT jobs, storage engineers and storage managers are among the most critical roles. After all, we live in a data-driven economy, and how data is stored and protected is fundamental to not only business survival but society at large. Considering the growth rate of the data storage market — 26% … Read more

Prepared for Ransomware and Other Data Risks? Think Again

[ad_1] (SPONSORED ARTICLE) Every October, businesses take time to recognize Cybersecurity Awareness Month. As we approach the 18th year celebrating this initiative, the cyber awareness part is already a given. Cyber-attacks are everywhere, and they remain a continuous threat. Whether you are a large organization of 10,000 employees or a small mom and pop shop, … Read more

SAS Joins the Cloud-Based, Pay-As-You-Go Movement

[ad_1] Longtime independent analytics specialist SAS announced at its user conference a pay-as-you go pricing model available now. The new offering puts SAS’s cloud-based Viya platform in the Azure Marketplace, and it also includes in-app tutorials and support for multiple languages. Currently, Azure is the only cloud provider where SAS is offering this service, but … Read more

Why Branch Simplicity is Key for Digital Transformation

[ad_1] The world is changing, and manual efforts can’t keep up. Enterprises of all sizes have evolved dramatically as they navigate changes like cloud adoption, the hybrid workforce, and increased security needs. To keep up, enterprises are taking on branch transformation initiatives by adding new branch services. Now IT teams are tasked with deploying and … Read more

Top 10 Trends Transforming the Cloud According to Forrester

[ad_1] In a recent report issued by Forrester, ten trends stood out as shapers of how the cloud’s continued evolution as more organizations try leverage its potential. A core takeaway from the report was the theme that cloud strategies must be refined with cloud-native adoption being accelerated. Based on the report, even companies that already … Read more

Reduce the Pain of Modernizing Mainframes in 4 Steps

[ad_1] (SPONSORED ARTICLE) We’re in the fast-paced age of digital transformation and yet, many companies rely on a technology that is 90 years old: mainframes. In fact, mainframes are still used by 71% of Fortune 500 companies and process 68% of the world’s production IT loads. Mainframe usage is especially prevalent in banking and insurance, … Read more

Box and MongoDB CEOs Chat About Software and the Future of Work

[ad_1] At a dinner conversation last week in New York with a small gathering of tech journalists, the CEOs of MongoDB and Box shared their thoughts on software, the future of work, and how the return to office is playing out. While individual companies make their own decisions amid shifting responses to the pandemic, there … Read more

SAP North America’s New President Talks Reinventing for the Cloud

[ad_1] With a change in leadership, SAP North America continues its own transformation in the era of cloud computing. On September 1, Lloyd Adams became president of SAP North America after being a veteran with the company since 1998. He most recently served as SAP’s managing director of the East region of the United States. … Read more

The Annual Drama of Digital Transformation

[ad_1] (SPONSORED ARTICLE) In the northern hemisphere, the dog days of summer are starting to wind down, kids are going back to school, and we’re starting to think about the family holidays that arrive in the fall. And at many businesses the cycle of planning for the new fiscal year — and with it the … Read more

Quick Study

[ad_1] One could view e-commerce today as a mixed bag, even as yin and yang. On one hand, consumers might miss the tactile experience of holding a product or checking clothing for size and quality in a brick-and-mortar store. Yet, e-commerce must be doing something right, judging by the fleet of Amazon Prime vans flooding … Read more