Can Your Company Justify an IT R&D Department?

[ad_1] According to career search firm Zippia, computer speed and power are growing exponentially, with the artificial intelligence sector growing at a clip of 16.4% each year. Plus, there are 1.35 million tech startups spewing out new technology around the world. This doesn’t begin to account for the deluge of new applications, technology solutions, IoT … Read more

The Rise of Edge Computing

[ad_1] We are in the midst of a digital transformation era. More than ever before, enterprises of all sizes are investing in data-driven artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) processes that help create efficient business operations, discover new revenue opportunities, and gain competitive advantages. Initially, organizations turned to public cloud to make sense of their data. Public … Read more

SAS Joins the Cloud-Based, Pay-As-You-Go Movement

[ad_1] Longtime independent analytics specialist SAS announced at its user conference a pay-as-you go pricing model available now. The new offering puts SAS’s cloud-based Viya platform in the Azure Marketplace, and it also includes in-app tutorials and support for multiple languages. Currently, Azure is the only cloud provider where SAS is offering this service, but … Read more

The Technology Behind Sam’s Club, Walmart’s Membership Warehouse Store

[ad_1] While Sam’s Club at first glance may seem like a typical warehouse retail membership club, look beyond the pallets of packaged food and tabletops stacked with designer clothing, and you’ll see an operation committed to using technology to improve the experience of customers – or members, as they are called – and its own … Read more

Next Wave of Digital Transformation and Impact on IT

[ad_1] The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital technologies in almost every industry sector. Investments in digital transformation, in fact, are projected to surpass $1.8T by the end of 2022, and over $2.8T by 2025. Following are six areas of innovation that are already impacting, or are soon likely to impact, how business … Read more

Why Scaling Automation Is Such a Challenge

[ad_1] Many organizations aspire to automation levels that rival the likes of Amazon, where processes flow seamlessly between people, systems, and devices. A recent Gartner report found businesses are evolving their use of artificial intelligence (AI) as part of their automation strategies, with one third of organizations surveyed applying AI across several business units. If … Read more

What the US Restrictions of China Sales Mean for the AI Chip Industry

[ad_1] The United States has introduced restrictions limiting technology company Nvidia Corp. and semiconductor company Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), Inc. sales of advanced AI chips to China. The restrictions are a tactical foreign policy and national security move to safeguard the US advantage in the race to develop artificial intelligence technology. How will this regulatory … Read more

How Will AI Shape the Future?

[ad_1] We’re all creating the future every day, especially in technology, but where’s it all going? The biggest influence on change for the future as I look out 28 years to the year 2050 is artificial intelligence. While AI is already changing our world, it’s really only just begun. Here’s my vision of what life … Read more

The Power of Artificial Intelligence Coding Assistance

[ad_1] Until recently, coding involved repetitive tasks, and required knowledge of many minute details. These aspects of coding detracted from the truly creative work that developers enjoy, and they slowed developers down. Now, artificial intelligence technology promises to eliminate much of that repetitive work, and developers are no longer thrown off task by having to search … Read more

How to Find the Right Data

[ad_1] There’s a hoarder mentality lingering in the data collection and management business. No, they aren’t clinging to 30-year-old magazines or a roomful of plastic shopping bags. It’s a strategy under which some enterprises insist on collecting every byte of data possible, “just in case we need it someday.” The hoarder mentality isn’t as prevalent … Read more