The Rise of Edge Computing

[ad_1] We are in the midst of a digital transformation era. More than ever before, enterprises of all sizes are investing in data-driven artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) processes that help create efficient business operations, discover new revenue opportunities, and gain competitive advantages. Initially, organizations turned to public cloud to make sense of their data. Public … Read more

SAS Joins the Cloud-Based, Pay-As-You-Go Movement

[ad_1] Longtime independent analytics specialist SAS announced at its user conference a pay-as-you go pricing model available now. The new offering puts SAS’s cloud-based Viya platform in the Azure Marketplace, and it also includes in-app tutorials and support for multiple languages. Currently, Azure is the only cloud provider where SAS is offering this service, but … Read more

Choosing the Right Third-Party Data Partner for Analytics

[ad_1] There are many third-party data providers to choose from, and companies use third party data providers because they don’t think that the data that they already have internally is enough to produce accurate results in their analytics. One case in point is a healthcare system in Europe that wanted to determine trends for certain … Read more

How to Find the Right Data

[ad_1] There’s a hoarder mentality lingering in the data collection and management business. No, they aren’t clinging to 30-year-old magazines or a roomful of plastic shopping bags. It’s a strategy under which some enterprises insist on collecting every byte of data possible, “just in case we need it someday.” The hoarder mentality isn’t as prevalent … Read more

What IT Leaders Need to Know About Predictive Network Technology

[ad_1] It’s almost like magic, but predictive network technology is anything but a trick. Using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine language (ML) mathematical models and algorithms, predictive network technology alerts an organization to network issues as early as possible and offers problem-solving solutions. “The technology enables networks to learn from past instances using massive amounts … Read more