Capital One’s VP of Engineering Discusses Tech Productivity

[ad_1] InformationWeek’s That DOS Won’t Hunt podcast caught up with Marty Andolino, vice president of engineering with Capital One, in a conversation about productivity, burnout, and how his company worked to solve for this. In an era of drastic change, organizations are sorting out hybrid work and a return to office. There are also new questions about … Read more

Roadmap to Robotic Process Automation

[ad_1] The opportunities to automate within an organization are broad and deep — including within IT, finance, HR, supply chain, and customer services, and interest in automation continues to deepen. Automation remains one of the fastest growing enterprise software categories, with a recent report by research firm Gartner stating it expects global robotic process automation … Read more

Is It Time to Rethink DevSecOps After Major Security Breaches?

[ad_1] Recent high-profile hacks at Rockstar Games and Uber might not stem from DevSecOps issues, but discussions of this aspect of security may be worth having now. One of the goals of applying a DevSecOps approach to software development is to get security onboard sooner rather than later in the cycle. Whether or not that … Read more

Why Branch Simplicity is Key for Digital Transformation

[ad_1] The world is changing, and manual efforts can’t keep up. Enterprises of all sizes have evolved dramatically as they navigate changes like cloud adoption, the hybrid workforce, and increased security needs. To keep up, enterprises are taking on branch transformation initiatives by adding new branch services. Now IT teams are tasked with deploying and … Read more

IT Talent Crunch Is Shifting Tech Investment Strategies

[ad_1] For businesses across nearly every vertical, acquiring IT talent has never been harder, and IT execs are looking more closely at tech investment to lure and retain those employees. Most senior IT leaders in a recent Mulesoft survey admitted the difficulty of hiring qualified IT professionals influences their organization’s technology investment choices. Based on … Read more

Why Scaling Automation Is Such a Challenge

[ad_1] Many organizations aspire to automation levels that rival the likes of Amazon, where processes flow seamlessly between people, systems, and devices. A recent Gartner report found businesses are evolving their use of artificial intelligence (AI) as part of their automation strategies, with one third of organizations surveyed applying AI across several business units. If … Read more

How to Measure Automation Success for the Enterprise

[ad_1] Automation has become widely recognized for saving employees time and effort by carrying out high volume, repetitive and typically error-prone tasks. By utilizing robotic process automation (RPA), enterprises can more easily manage their manual, time-intensive tasks while also boosting accuracy, timeliness, and compliance. RPA also has been leveraged for cost avoidance. During the COVID-19 … Read more

VC and Analyst Notes from FinovateFall on the Future of Fintech

[ad_1] The FinovateFall conference, held this week in New York City, explored a range of going trends and potential developments in the fintech scene — despite the drubbing the sector faced this summer. A brief visit to the three-day event offered up venture capitalists who discussed where they saw smart investments being made in fintech … Read more

How to Prepare for new PCI DSS 4.0 Requirements

[ad_1] The upcoming changes to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) will affect every organization that stores, transmits, or processes cardholder data and/or sensitive authentication data. Effective starting in March 2024, the new standard, known as PCI DSS 4.0, spans dozens of changes in areas including risk assessment, how keys and certificates … Read more

Box and MongoDB CEOs Chat About Software and the Future of Work

[ad_1] At a dinner conversation last week in New York with a small gathering of tech journalists, the CEOs of MongoDB and Box shared their thoughts on software, the future of work, and how the return to office is playing out. While individual companies make their own decisions amid shifting responses to the pandemic, there … Read more