Sam Rad Talks Tech’s Social Impact at the Women in IT Summit

[ad_1] At last month’s Women in IT Summit in New York, Samantha Radocchi, a futurist and serial entrepreneur who writes the Radical Next Ideas blog, spoke about the future of tech and its potential social impact. She spoke about possibilities that can open up by exploring change and paradigm shifts, which can take a bit … Read more

Capital One’s VP of Engineering Discusses Tech Productivity

[ad_1] InformationWeek’s That DOS Won’t Hunt podcast caught up with Marty Andolino, vice president of engineering with Capital One, in a conversation about productivity, burnout, and how his company worked to solve for this. In an era of drastic change, organizations are sorting out hybrid work and a return to office. There are also new questions about … Read more

A Primer on Emerging Fintech

[ad_1] The pioneers and early adopters of new technologies historically have predicted the demise of the legacy market leaders. While some old companies crumble in the face of new tech, the smart ones adapt and work emerging technology concepts into their business models. What you’re seeing in the financial sector today follows that pattern. Banks, … Read more

Mobile Technology Is Transforming Bill Payment Habits

[ad_1] The payments industry is rapidly transforming, with innovative apps and more alternative payment methods becoming available daily. According to a recent survey from ACI Worldwide, consumers are adopting mobile payments at a faster pace than ever before, with 45% more paying with a mobile wallet in 2022 than in the previous year. Similarly, an … Read more

VC and Analyst Notes from FinovateFall on the Future of Fintech

[ad_1] The FinovateFall conference, held this week in New York City, explored a range of going trends and potential developments in the fintech scene — despite the drubbing the sector faced this summer. A brief visit to the three-day event offered up venture capitalists who discussed where they saw smart investments being made in fintech … Read more

How to Prepare for new PCI DSS 4.0 Requirements

[ad_1] The upcoming changes to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) will affect every organization that stores, transmits, or processes cardholder data and/or sensitive authentication data. Effective starting in March 2024, the new standard, known as PCI DSS 4.0, spans dozens of changes in areas including risk assessment, how keys and certificates … Read more

FinTech Tools, Security Concerns Top of Mind for Gen-Z Banking

[ad_1] The expectations in the way younger generations engage or interact with a bank or financial institution (FI) is very different from that of previous generations. These digital native consumers expect instant decisions, personalized offers, and automated, digital experiences. This requires banks and FIs gain deeper insights from more data sources and AI and machine … Read more