Want to Unlock More Value From Your Sustainability Efforts?

[ad_1] Just as digital transformation required every company to become a technology company, now every business needs to act fast to become sustainable. And, once again, technology has a starring role to play in this evolution. It’s a reality that’s confirmed by Accenture’s latest sustainable technology survey, which draws from input provided by 560 companies … Read more

Sam Rad Talks Tech’s Social Impact at the Women in IT Summit

[ad_1] At last month’s Women in IT Summit in New York, Samantha Radocchi, a futurist and serial entrepreneur who writes the Radical Next Ideas blog, spoke about the future of tech and its potential social impact. She spoke about possibilities that can open up by exploring change and paradigm shifts, which can take a bit … Read more

Why SaaS management Is a Must-Have for Digital Transformation

[ad_1] In the journey to our “new normal,” following the pandemic, Software as a Service adoption has exploded. Cloud applications enable nearly anyone to easily acquire a solution for any given problem, regardless of where they are or what role they hold. Great for keeping the business running, not so great for managing spiraling SaaS … Read more

Capital One’s VP of Engineering Discusses Tech Productivity

[ad_1] InformationWeek’s That DOS Won’t Hunt podcast caught up with Marty Andolino, vice president of engineering with Capital One, in a conversation about productivity, burnout, and how his company worked to solve for this. In an era of drastic change, organizations are sorting out hybrid work and a return to office. There are also new questions about … Read more

5 Barriers of Digital Risk Assessment

[ad_1] Digital risks emanate from business dependence on technology. The more dependent a business is on digital transformation, the higher the exposure to the dark side of digital transformation. Even as companies and businesses try to assess digital risks, some barriers prove dominant for all. Here are five to consider: 1. Problem of quantifying risks … Read more

Why Branch Simplicity is Key for Digital Transformation

[ad_1] The world is changing, and manual efforts can’t keep up. Enterprises of all sizes have evolved dramatically as they navigate changes like cloud adoption, the hybrid workforce, and increased security needs. To keep up, enterprises are taking on branch transformation initiatives by adding new branch services. Now IT teams are tasked with deploying and … Read more

Top 10 Trends Transforming the Cloud According to Forrester

[ad_1] In a recent report issued by Forrester, ten trends stood out as shapers of how the cloud’s continued evolution as more organizations try leverage its potential. A core takeaway from the report was the theme that cloud strategies must be refined with cloud-native adoption being accelerated. Based on the report, even companies that already … Read more

Reduce the Pain of Modernizing Mainframes in 4 Steps

[ad_1] (SPONSORED ARTICLE) We’re in the fast-paced age of digital transformation and yet, many companies rely on a technology that is 90 years old: mainframes. In fact, mainframes are still used by 71% of Fortune 500 companies and process 68% of the world’s production IT loads. Mainframe usage is especially prevalent in banking and insurance, … Read more

Next Wave of Digital Transformation and Impact on IT

[ad_1] The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital technologies in almost every industry sector. Investments in digital transformation, in fact, are projected to surpass $1.8T by the end of 2022, and over $2.8T by 2025. Following are six areas of innovation that are already impacting, or are soon likely to impact, how business … Read more

VC and Analyst Notes from FinovateFall on the Future of Fintech

[ad_1] The FinovateFall conference, held this week in New York City, explored a range of going trends and potential developments in the fintech scene — despite the drubbing the sector faced this summer. A brief visit to the three-day event offered up venture capitalists who discussed where they saw smart investments being made in fintech … Read more